James Blunt's Message For Adele: "Good ****ing Luck!"

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James Blunt caught up with Hit Network's Bec, Cosi & Lehmo and gave a candid chat about how he’s feeling about his album, The Stars Beneath Our Feet, being released on Friday the same day as Adele’s 30.

“It’s out this Friday, the same day as Adele’s so she must be bricking it”

James Blunt was surprised Adele didn't follow the example of Taylor Swift upon learning her album would release the same day as his:

“And I know Taylor Swift, her album was supposed to be the same day, the same release date but when she found out my album was coming out this Friday she changed her release date which I totally understand , surprising that Adele hasn’t changed but don’t say I didn’t warn her because I’ve done enough interviews about it.”

We asked James if he had a message for Adele before Friday:

“Good ****ing luck, you’re screwed.”

James Blunt also opened up about his most obscene tweet, why he bought a pub in Chelsea, and when he’s hoping to reach Aus on tour:

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17 November 2021

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