Israel Folau’s Legal Fees Are More Like $300K… Not $3 Million

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Last week, Israel Folau took his already controversial dismissal from Rugby Australia up a notch by launching a GoFundMe campaign, asking members of the public to help fund his legal fees.

His target amount? A whopping $3 MILLION!

After a shocking $500K+ was raised, GoFundMe finally stepped in and removed his campaign, as it did not abide by the company’s terms and conditions.

This morning, Bec and Cosi discussed the story on air, as well as the backlash Adelaide Thunderbirds Netball Club has received after their response in support of Folau’s wife, netball player Maria Folau.

And finally, the breakie team spoke with Kamal Farouque from Morris Blackburn Lawyers who explained that Folau’s legal fees could wrack up to maybe $300K - max. Definitely not $3 million.

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Team 107

24 June 2019

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