Introducing Your 2021 The Bachelor Australia Contestants!

Who will he choose?!

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The Bachelor 2021 kicks off on Wednesday, July 21 on 10 and we FINALLY have all the pics and details of the women vying for Jimmy Nicholson's heart!

While Jimmy is a Commercial Pilot, these women are successful in their own right and can certainly give him a run for his money! We have a Corporate Lawyer, two Speech Pathologists, a Technical Analyst, a Nutritionist, a Company Director and more. Phew, these women are killing it. 

Want to check out all the ladies ready to put their heart on the line this year? Have a look here: 

Annabelle, 28 (NSW) - Medical Equipment Installer

Ash, 34 (QLD) - Dance Teacher

Ashleigh, 28 (VIC) - Speech Pathologist

Belinda, 29 (QLD) - Criminal Lawyer

Brooke, 27 (VIC) - Occupational Therapist

Carlie, 33 (VIC) - Corporate Lawyer

Chanel, 34 (NSW) - Flight Manager

Elena, 33 (NSW) - Personal Trainer

Hannah, 26 (NSW) - Registered Nurse

Holly, 27 (NSW) - Marketing Manager

Jacinta, 29 (VIC) - Executive Recruiter

Jay, 31 (NSW) - Nutritionist

Laura, 28 (SA) - Speech Pathologist

Lauren, 29 (SA) - Office Administrator

Lily, 23 (VIC) - Crane Operator

Madison, 24 (VIC) - Marketing Coordinator

Rebekah, 27 (NSW) - Youth Support Worker

Sierah, 28 (VIC) - Technical Analyst

Stephanie, 27 (WA) - Business Development Manager

Stevie, 29 (QLD) - Hair Stylist

Tahnee, 27 (VIC) - Corporate Travel Manager

Tamlyn, 25 (NSW) - Customer Service Officer

Tatum, 26 (QLD) - Company Director

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Amber Lowther

20 July 2021

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Amber Lowther

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