International Military Mock War Games Starts Today In Townsville

Preparation Drills

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The biennial military training exercise ‘Talisman Sabre’ (TS21) has just kicked off in inland Queensland on Wednesday July 14.

This is the largest combined training activity between the Australian Defence Force and United States military, is all about improving readiness between the two countries.

Talisman Sabre International Military Training:

Commander Kahlil Fegan said,

“We get exposed to certain capabilities and training opportunities that we don’t get much exposure to”.

Thousands of international personnel have been quarantining for two weeks in preparation for the mock war games.

Many of these activities will be happening around Townsville, on land, at sea and in the sky 


The program consists of field training exercises, amphibious landings, air combat, maritime operations, ground force maneuvers and more.

The exercise will run until the middle of August.

TS21 is encouraging local communities to provide any input on their contact page.

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14 July 2021

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