I attempted to make Pancake Cereal….

Here's How it Went

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Pancakes… in the form of bite size cereal… yes pls!!

This week I attempted the trend of making Pancake Cereal and I guess it went okay?

I started off by filling my pancake shake mix with milk (too lazy to make my own mixture) and then began shaking my life away.

It’s a good idea to take yourself to a happy place, because 2 minutes of shaking that bottle is probably equal to a 5 km run.

I finally finished and prepared the pan for my mini pancakes.

In most of the videos people transfer the mixture into a sauce like bottle and squeeze tiny amounts through the nozzle. These people are smart. I did not do this.

As I scooped small oddly shaped pancakes onto the pan, I quickly realised the flipping process was going to suck.

Cooking pancake cereal

Nevertheless, I pulled through and was rewarded with half a bowl of slightly burnt pieces of pancake.

One batch done. Now to the next.

This batch I came up with the genius idea of making pancake noodles. The trial did not go well.

But a few minutes later… Cooking is done!

After a little time spent on presentation (hiding the burnt noodles and arranging the pretty pancakes on top) I added a little butter and maple syrup for some oomph!!

finished pancake cereal

The verdict? Overcooked and dry… But YUM!

Pancake cereal - what a cute and fun way to eat the much-loved classic! Plus, the novelty of eating it like cereal makes it 100 times better. I’m sure if you cooked it correctly it’d be a 10/10.

~Alicia MacFarlane-Barrow

29 May 2020

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