Hunter Unlikely To Emerge From Lockdown On Saturday

Dreams dashed

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The Hunter recorded one new case on Tuesday deeming it unlikely the region will emerge form lockdown on Saturday as hoped.

Earlier on Monday Deputy premier John Barilaro bestowed great praise on the community for the significant drop in positive cases, he did however say that it was likely current restrictions would remain in place for a fortnight dated from the last positive case.

COVID: One new case in the Hunter

Health authorities are also keen to see zero detections of the virus in the region’s sewage supply, but Mr Barilaro is confident it can happen. 

"A couple of weeks ago we were recording cases above 20 a day and 10 a day, you know it’s rare you're able to contain it. What we've seen in the Hunter, we've contained it, as best as, fingers crossed, to this day. Now it might be the only jurisdiction, possibly in the world that can get back to zero. Now no-one has done that with Delta"

- John Barilaro

NSW Chief health officer Dr Kerry Chant said the Hunter's results on Monday were especially pleasing, but pressed for vigilance.

"Newcastle is settling and I just want to thank the response of the residents there," she said.

"It is important we stay the course there…One case is not a trend. We have to all work so hard over these next couple of weeks”

- Dr Kerry Chant

Meantime, Hunter New England Health's, Dr David Durrheim said it's a timely reminder to get tested and err on the side of caution with 16 per cent of a-symptomatic cases going undetected.

"At the moment the testing numbers are down, and so the wait time to get a result is much less. In terms of getting tested, getting a swab done, if you’ve got the mildest of symptoms you can make the greatest of community contributions as well"

- Dr David Durrheim

163 cases have been recorded across 38 suburbs in the three weeks since the Delta variant came to the Hunter.


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24 August 2021

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