How To Stay Sun Smart When You're Allergic To Sunscreen

(And no, don't try 'sunscreen pills')

24 January 2019

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As many of us reach for the sunscreen today, lots of Australians are dealing with allergies to certain creams.

In Australia, it isn't mandatory for companies to display every ingredient on their products, often leaving those who suffer a reaction confused.

The Hit Newsroom spoke to product research and developer Katie Warrell, who says that not wearing sunscreen due to allergy fears is not the solution.

"On the sunscreen labels in Australia, it's not mandatory or law for companies to display all of the ingredients, so this can lead to a lot of confusion around sunscreen," she said.

"People can react to all different things - sometimes the company can be using a fragrance or literally anything can cause a reaction.

"We are all different so not one product suits everybody.

"What the consumer needs to do is really try to find out what they're using and what they're putting on their skin that could be causing a reaction."

Ms Warrelll recommended always reading the back of the sunscreen that you are using, and if you're still having trouble sussing out the ingredients, have a look online and do a bit of research about the product.

Advice was also given regarding 'sunscreen pills' which have surfaced in the US.

"It's a bit crazy, but in the States that have come out with some 'sun protection' pills. They're basically a mix of anti-oxidants that claims they can protect against the UV rays.

"Definitely nothing has been approved by any board or regulation so it's something I would not recommend and I wouldn't be using that on myself until proper tests (have been done)."

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