How Many Of Food History's 7 Deadly Sins Have You Experienced?

Mikey Robins joins the show

6 December 2018

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This morning Mak & Lachy caught up with comedian and author Mikey Robins about his new book on food history titled Seven Deadly Sins and One Very Naughty Fruit

The book is a hilarious "survey of culinary oddities" that explores the history of food through navigating the 7 deadly sins.

On the topic of GLUTTONY, Mikey exposes our obsession with outlandish overconsumption and the thrill of competitive eating. PRIDE reveals some of the most arrogant dinner hosts in history, and how the once humble chef has now achieved rock-god status. LUST sheds light on our aphrodisiac fixations and the most desired foods through time. SLOTH charts the curious evolution of the fork and the etiquette of flatulence. WRATH tells of sausage duels and poisonous spite, while GREED will make you blush at the indulgences of the rich and famous. And who hasn’t experienced ENVY when your dining companion’s plate sings while yours sputters?

- Seven Deadly Sins And One Very Naughty Fruit

To find out more about Mikey's new book, or just to have a laugh, listen to the catch up below: 

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