Housing Crisis Development Plan Slammed By Local Councillors

"That's not especially helpful"

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The NSW state government's Regional Housing Taskforce has released a list of recommendations to address the housing crisis across the state. 

The report outlines five key areas which could enable safe and affordable homes to tackle the state’s current housing crisis.

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The key areas include:

  1. Support measures to bring forward a supply of ‘development-ready’ land;
  2. Increase the availability of affordable and diverse housing;
  3. Provide more certainty about where, when, and what types of homes will be built;
  4. Investigate planning levers to facilitate the delivery of housing that meet short term needs; and
  5. Improve monitoring of housing and policy outcomes, and demand indicators.

Minister for Planning and Public Spaces Rob Stokes said the recommendations would be taken on board but there was no easy way out of the crisis.

“The recommendations confirm there is no silver bullet solution and we must work in partnership with industry and local councils to create more housing opportunities.”

But Albury Councillor John Stuchberry thinks they're blue-sky ideas that aren't addressing the root of the problem 

“If you’ve got someone sleeping in a car today, and they’re looking into organising land release in order to build homes suitable for the homeless That’s not especially helpful for someone who’s in a car sleeping at night right now.”

House prices continue to rise on the border with parts of the area seeing a 37.4 percent this year.

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10 November 2021

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