HOLY CUTE: Adelaide Zoo Has Welcomed Critically-Endangered Baby Tortoises!

So precious!

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Zoos South Australia

Hello, hi, I am here to inform you about something GOOD happening in this world today.

Apparently May 23rd is World Turtle Day (amazing) and in some brilliant timing from Zoos South Australia, it’s been announced that a record-breaking NINE critically-endangered tortoises have hatched at Adelaide Zoo!

Look how smol they are!

Adelaide Zoo Senior Bird and Reptile Keeper Chad Crittle, has emphasised the serious plight the species face in the wild due to climate change and the introduction of foreign predatory species like foxes, cats, dog and pigs.

“Sadly, the numbers of Western Swamp Tortoises in the wild are still extremely low as the species face a number of threats to their habitats and predation from introduced animals,” Chad exlpained.

“These nine hatched earlier in the year through Zoos SA’s involvement in the captive breeding program for the Western Swamp Tortoise.

“We are very proud to be working with Perth Zoo as one of only two institutions in the world breeding this special species.

“Zoos SA has so far successfully raised more than 30 Western Swamp Tortoises, with eleven of these returned to Perth Zoo for inclusion in the wild release program.

“We are determined to continue to grow an insurance population for this beautiful species to ensure they have a long future in the wild.”

Well done! 

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