Hobart City Council Passes Amendment To Limit Short-Stay Whole-Home Accommodation

Due to rental supply shortage

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The Hobart City Council have passed an amendment which will limit the number of whole-homes dedicated to short-stay accommodation.

The move is the first step in a push to ban short-stay accommodation in whole-homes across Hobart.

The amendment will stop any new permits for whole-house short-stay accommodation from being passed.

The amendment was passed with eight votes to three.

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The motion was put forward last week by Councillor Helen Burnet in an attempt to increase the number of long-term rentals available in Hobart.

The changes will be made with the exception of short-stay accommodation in commercial and mixed-zone regions.

Hobart Lord Mayor Anna Reynolds told ABC news that people will still be able to obtain permits for short-stay accommodation in allocated areas.

"We've got a lot of short-stay permits already out there and people will still be able to have a short-stay property in the commercial zones and the mixed-use zones so this is not a blanket ban,” she said.

"This is really just trying to provide some balance in our housing market in Hobart so it's more affordable and more accessible to people who need to rent a home."

According to Ms Reynolds, the high number of short-stay accommodation has drastically limited the availability of long-term rentals.

"All of the housing policy experts have told us that short stay is certainly one of the factors that in recent years has led to a loss of long-term rental supply in our city," she said.

"This step is a really important first step on one of the issues affecting affordability.”

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Georgie Marr

29 March 2022

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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