Here's Where To Get The Cheapest Petrol In Your City Over Christmas

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18 December 2018

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Holiday-makers can expect to feel some relief at the pump as petrol prices fall in the lead up to Christmas.

Comparison site, ComparetheMarket says prices should ease slightly heading into Christmas, but encourage drivers to shop around for the best deal. 

Here’s the breakdown for your city:

Petrol prices in Sydney were the lowest of any capital city over the last quarter, sitting at an average of 144.7cpl. Having hit this peak on 10 December, prices will start to slowly ease downwards in the lead up to Christmas, but motorists are encouraged to shop around before they fill up. The Eastern suburbs recorded the highest prices over the quarter, at 153cpl, while prices were 10.9cpl lower in the Fairfield and Liverpool region. As of early this week, the cheapest petrol in Sydney could be found at Fairfield, at 118.9cpl. 

Melbourne’s average price is starting to ease after peaking on 7 December. Prices over the last quarter were an average of 148.1cpl – the most expensive in the country behind Canberra. The best sub-region to fill up the tank was Altona and Williamstown, where prices were around 145.3cpl. Motorists in the city and South Melbourne sub-region were being slugged 150cpl.

Brisbane’s petrol price cycle peaked on 4 December, and prices are starting to make their way back down. Like Sydney, Brisbane’s cycle has extended, meaning prices are taking longer to fall. Motorists in south Brisbane were lucky enough to have the city’s lowest quarterly average price of 145.6cpl, while those in Bayside were filling up the tank at an average price of 148.4cpl. People heading out on the road this Christmas should shop around as there are significant price discrepancies between outlets. For instance, prices in Milton were 27.2cpl higher than in Coopers Plains as of early this week. 

Motorists in Adelaide were paying an average of 147.6cpl at the bowser over the quarter. Like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Adelaide petrol prices peaked early this month on 11 December and should ease off slightly but not reach their lowest point in the cycle for some time. People may be able to find better prices in the Western and Beach suburbs, where prices were the lowest over the quarter, at 145.1cpl. As of early in the week, petrol prices were as low as 119.5cpl in Blair Athol and as high as 133.9cpl in Stepney.

Perth’s motorists can welcome an early Christmas present, with petrol prices forecasted to be at their lowest point in Perth’s seven-day petrol cycle on Christmas Eve. There was little variance in prices across the city over the quarter with the North region sitting at 148.1cpl, while prices in the East region were slightly lower at 147.4cpl. Before filling up, motorists are being advised to check free fuel price apps, as petrol costs are 20.4cpl cheaper in Southern River compared to Karragullen.


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