Here's How You Can Get Free Tickets To Stav's Interactive 'Die Hard' Movie Night!

You can be just like Brenda!

31 July 2018

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Do you remember that scene in Scary Movie where Brenda is yelling at the screen and everyone tells her to just "shut up"?

Well, this is what happened to Stav when he went to see a showing of JAWS at the New Farm Cinemas!


On air this morning, Stav explained that he recently went to see the horror flick at the movies and quoted the entire thing whilst he was there because he loves it so much (and knows it like the back of his hand).

Now, as we all know, not everyone likes someone talking behind them whilst they're at the movies, so Stav was shushed by the person sitting in front of him when his constant quoting became a little to much for them.

However, if you're one of those people who LOVES to quote a classic film, then luckily for you, Stav is hosting a movie night where you can quote it as loud as you want and even yell at the screen if you feel like it!


New Farm Cinemas has teamed up with our resident loud-mouth to host a showing of Die Hard, where patrons can be as loud as they like during the movie!

The showing will be fully interactive with Nerf guns being used during the action sequences to make you feel more involved in John McClane's mission and there will also be goodie bags for you to take into the cinema.


Now, you can buy tickets to this event, but who would want to do that when you can WIN them?!

Every morning, Stav, Abby and Matt will be playing Two Actors One Year, a game that could win you free tickets to this unique Die Hard screening.

Here's how it works: 

You call Stav, Abby and Matt and name two actors who were in the same movie together and the year that the movie was released in. Stav will then have to guess the movie from those three clues.

If he guesses correctly, unfortunately, you don't get tickets, but if he guesses wrong, you WIN (he's not that great either so, you'll probably win!).

This morning's game was a bit tough:

Did you get it before Stav?

Have a listen to this morning's game and see if you can pick the movie from the clues that our caller had:

You can purchase tickets to the New Farm Cinemas' Die Hard screening here, or call Stav, Abby and Matt for your chance to win them!

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