Here Are Some of The Ways You Can Help In The Victorian Bushfire Crisis

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5 March 2019

Hit Newsroom

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Over the last week, Victoria has been struck with a shocking bushfire crisis. It has seen properties wiped out and communities broken.

It’s a good time to help out people in need, and here are some of the ways you can do your bit.

1. Salvation Army 

The organisation confirmed on their website that they are providing emergency relief to affected communities, including toiletries, clothing, blankets and shoes. Go here to donate to their emergency fund.

2. CFA Victoria

Country Fire Authority are at work defending communities, so it’s a good time to put money in their bank account. Find the details here.

3. Australian Red Cross

Over 30 volunteers from the organisation have assisted over 600 people in affected areas. You can donate here.

4. Community rescue groups 

Many rescue groups have been created by locals so they can help each other out during the crisis, including transporting horses away from dangerous areas. You can find groups and pages with a quick Facebook search, but the Bunyip Bushfire Animal Rescue is a good place to start.

Know any other ways to help out? Let us know. 


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