Here Are All The Things Your Hairdresser Secretly Wants To Tell You

Guilty as charged!

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Not much beats heading in to see your hairdresser for some salon fresh foils and a nice chop! But have you ever left the salon thinking your hair doesn’t quite look like the picture you brought along with you or that maybe you should have spent that extra $20 on a toner?

Well, you’re not alone and you’re definitely not imagining things! There’s a whole bunch of advice hairdressers wish they could give you, so Hairhouse Albury have gone ahead and compiled a list of tips for you to consider next time you pop in to see your haircare professional! 

Be honest if you want good results!

“The products you use at home and the way you style your hair has an impact on the way it reacts to the products your hairdresser uses. If you say you’ve never dyed it before – but really you used supermarket dye last week, you could be looking down the barrel of a new wig! Hairdressers want you to look amazing – you are their biggest advertisement. Be honest with them, so they can make you shine!”

There's no point in getting a hairstyle you can’t maintain yourself.

“Hairdressers love doing something fun, whether that be playing with colour or extensions, or something completely different; it’s adds a bit of spice to their life and yours. But be sure to talk about what kind of maintenance your new style is going to require and be honest about the time you have at home.


“Your hairdresser doesn’t want you to be upset with how your hair looks after the first wash and they definitely don’t want you feeling like you wasted your money. If you are time-poor but still want a change – talk to your stylist – they can help you find the best of both worlds!”

You get what you pay for!

“The old saying is true. Products and services are priced according to their quality. Don’t get caught out! If it sounds too good to be true -it probably is… and it might end up costing you (a lot) more in the future.”

Try to be realistic about how you want to look.

“Hairdressers LOVE pictures and guidelines as to what you’re after, keep the screenshots coming! But please keep in mind things like your hair type & face shape!"


Just because it looks good on your fave celeb – it doesn’t mean it will make you look LIKE them. You’re already beautiful, find a look that suits you!”

No one likes a backseat driver!

“Hairdressers are known for being fun & great conversationalists – but don’t let that fool you into thinking they aren’t educated. There is science to the madness! They know what they are doing!”

If we recommend something for you, it’s not for us.

“Contrary to popular belief, your hairdresser won’t sell you something just to meet a target. They want you to become their regular clients – so if your stylist shows you a product for you to use at home, please know it’s for your benefit. Talk to them about your budget so they can walk you through your options & help you keep healthy hair all year round!”

Please don’t colour your hair at home.

“They’re not miracle workers, you don’t know what’s in a box and unless you have a packet on you – nor does your hairdresser.”


Respect your stylists time.

“Try not to be late! Cancel early if you have to and book on days when things aren’t likely to pop up.”

There’s NO such thing as 3-5 layers…

“Your hair is a part of your body – not a staircase. Just sayin.”

You don’t have to dress up to get your hair done, if you do – it’s at your own risk!

“If you are getting colour or bleach, or even a full-on treatment, maybe reconsider that new white dress you just purchased. Yes, we protect you and your clothing to the best of our ability – but accidents can happen.”

Wait for your stylist to get to know you before making any massive changes.


“Your hair and your personality are unique. Let us look after you for a while before you ask us for a surprise cut. Once they know you, your personality and how your hair behaves, they will be able to look after you and that creative change better than anyone.”

So, there you have it. Let’s not pretend we aren’t guilty of at least one or well - most of these innocent blunders! Next time you book in to see your favourite hairdresser, perhaps refer to this helpful list of tips to make sure you leave that salon feeling satisfied with your experience and of course, hella cute!


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23 February 2021

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