Health Warning As Some Toy Slime Found To Breach Safety Regulations

Consumer group warning

18 July 2018

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An investigation into children's toy slime has resulted in a startling finding, with British consumer group Which? revealing that nearly three-quarters of all slime on sale failed safety testing.

A warning has been issued to parents about the risks after eight of 11 tested slimes failed safety examinations due to harmful levels of boron present.

In some instances, more than four times the safety limit of boron (according to EU standards) were found.

According to the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration, vomiting, diarrhoea and abdominal pain are the main symptoms of boric acid poisoning.

The study said that high levels of boron in animals was linked to low birth weights, birth defects and developmental issues.

"Parents buying slime for their children should have peace of mind that these toys are safe, so they will be shocked to find that the health of their children could be put at risk by these slimes," Which? director Nikki Stopford said.

“There must be fundamental changes to the product safety system. Manufacturers must stop making unsafe products and the government and retailers simply have to do a far better job of getting anything identified as a risk off the shelves and out of people’s homes.”

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