Having Fresh Flowers & Plants At Home Can Reduce Anxiety & Pain Levels

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If you think buying flowers for your girl, or your man, is too old-fashioned and a waste of money, STOP RIGHT THERE, because it turns out that flowers truly have some amazing powers to help improve your health!


According to a new study from The American Society for Horticulture Science, flowers have therapeutic effects on us all! 

The study looked at the influence of plants on surgical patients, with ninety patients being split in rooms that had plants or no plants. 

The results showed that having plants and flowers in the room not only lowered blood pressure and heart rate but also lowered levels of pain, fatigue and anxiety, and led to more positive feelings.


The study described flowers as a type of ‘complimentary medicine’ for the patients in recovery. 

Similar things have been said of flower bouquets, with a study from the Complimentary Therapies In Medicine revealing that they can help to greatly reduce stress and increase relaxation! 

If you’re trying to think of a good gift for a friend in need, this is it! 


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