Young Mum Kisses Freedom Goodbye

Jailed over deadly crash

2 November 2018

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A new mother has been jailed for at least 2 years over the death of a Central Coast aged care nurse in a head on car crash...but will be allowed to keep her baby.

BIANCA HARRINGTON, who gave birth just weeks ago, was sentenced yesterday over the September 2016 tragedy.

The then 20 year old suspended learner driver admitted to police she'd taken a cocktail of drugs the night before, with blood tests confirming it, but she wasn't convicted on that charge, the most serious, because of reasonable doubt over the level of impairment.

She'll instead serve a maximum term of 4 years.

The death of KAY SHAYLOR will be remembered not just over the actions of HARRINGTON, but also the couple who robbed her as she lay dying.

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