Greensborough Is Melbourne's New Snake Capital

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If you live in Melbourne’s north there’s something you need to know:

The Snake Hunter, Mark Pelley says Greensborough is the new snake capital in Melbourne.

“I’m catching on average between five and ten snakes a year, most of them in Greensborough

He said there’s a lot of opportunities for food and shelter in suburban homes – leading to an increase in snakes.

Werribee and Wyndham Vale also have a lot of tiger snakes, he said.

So how can you keep yourself safe from snakes? 

"There’s nothing you can do to stop the snakes entering your home – but things like keeping the grass short and your property free from waste means you’ll be able to see the snakes easier” 

If you do find a snake Mark urges people not to try and capture or kill the snake yourself – instead – call a professional.

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22 January 2019

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