Greater Shepparton City Council Launches Safety Campaign

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In an attempt to keep the people of Shepparton safe, the Greater Shepparton City Council have launched a campaign which aims to protect council workers.

"Real Workers, Real Speed Limits" was developed to encourage drivers to slow down near where worksites, to ensure the workers AND drivers are able to return Hom to their families.

There are thousands of accidents annually as a result of drivers refusing to follow signage and slow down when driving through roadworks.

Greater Shepparton City Council Director of Infrastructure Phil Hoare says the focus of the campaign is to make sure workers feel safe at work.

“We want all of our workers to go home to their families every night. We have staff required to work every day within road reserves and close to moving traffic. Every day our staff that complete activities such as mowing, maintaining gardens, repairing signs, picking up rubbish and repairing road surfaces face the prospect of being hit by a speeding vehicle,”

- Phil Hoare

Greater Shepparton City Council Chief Executive Officer Peter Harriott says the smallest increase in speed through worksites could put both drivers and workers at risk.

“Unfortunately, if vehicles are not travelling at the reduced speed limit, the ability and opportunity for both the driver and our workers to avoid a potentially fatal incident is reduced significantly,”

- Peter Harriott

Please remember that speed restrictions and sing at worksites are enforceable by law and are mandatory under the Road Management Act 2004.


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Georgie Marr

20 September 2019

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Georgie Marr

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