Grab a Post-Lockdown Treat with Sunraysia Bread & Butter Bakery

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We’ve done it, Mildura. We’ve made it through yet another lockdown, so we think there’s no better reason to celebrate the successful circuit breaker than to pick up some of your favourite baked goods from Sunraysia Bread & Butter Bakery at one of their two Mildura storefronts this long weekend!

The friendly and talented team at Sunraysia Bread & Butter Bakery have a full array of freshly created treats! You simply can’t stroll past their storefronts where they’ve proudly baked their way to their 10th year within the community!

While you’re there, don’t forget to grab a couple of pieces of their delicious vanilla slice. You don’t even have to share! (We wouldn’t)

Bring your family, head to Sunraysia Bread & Butter Bakery to pick up some delicious fresh rolls, slices, and hot pastries, and head to the park across the road for some much-needed family fun times in the fresh air and Winter sun.

With the long weekend coming up, there's no better time than now to get together with those close to you. Bring a healthy appetite, a positive attitude, and Sunraysia Bread & Butter Bakery will take care of the rest.

10 June 2021

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