Google Has Released Australia's 'Year In Search' For 2021!

From Adele to guacamole

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2021 is almost over and Aussies have gone through yet another huge year of lockdowns, sports, tragedy and more. Google has released our 'Year in Search' to tell us what we've been Googling, including the global figures we've been the most intrigued with, our most-searched recipes, DIY enquiries and definitions of words!

Here's what Australia's Google 'Year in Search' looks like for 2021:

Overall searches

1. NBA
2. AFL
3. Australia vs India
4. NRL
5. Euro 2021
6. Wimbledon
7. Olympic medal tally
9. Coinspot
10. Prince Philip

News events

2. Cleo Smith
3. QLD COVID update
4. Alec Baldwin
5. Coronavirus Victoria
6. William Tyrrell
7. Bert Newton
8. Christian Porter
9. Afghanistan
10. Melbourne earthquake


1. Cleo Smith
2. Ash Barty
3. William Tyrell
4. Christian Porter
5. Nadia Bartel
6. Dominic Perrottet
7. Nick Kyrgios
8. Ariarne Titmus
9. Peter Bol
10. Melissa Caddick

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Global figures

1. Alec Baldwin
2. Rita Ora
3. Travis Scott
4. Kyle Rittenhouse
5. Adele
6. Naomi Osaka
7. Pete Davidson
8. Simone Biles
9. Tiger Woods
10. Emma Raducanu


1. Prince Philip
2. Gabby Petito
3. Bert Newton
4. Brian Laundrie
5. Sean Lock
6. Michael Gudinski
7. Sarah Everard
8.Carla Zampatti
9. Helen McCrory
10. Larry King


1. NBA
2. AFL
3. Australia vs India
4. NRL5
5. Euro 2021
6. Wimbledon
7. Olympics
8. Australian Open
9. EPL
10. French Open

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1. Gnocchi recipes
2. Guacamole recipe
3. Curried sausages recipe
4. Anzac biscuits recipe
5. Negroni recipe
6. Lamb shank recipe
7. Brussels sprouts recipes
8. Minestrone soup recipe
9. Rocky road recipe
10. Tzatziki recipe

‘How to...?’

1. How to get vaccination certificate
2. How to tie a tie
3. How to deliver UberEats
4. How to buy Dogecoin
5. How to watch olympics Australia
6. How to book COVID vaccine
7. How to watch Euro 2021 in Australia
8. How to link Medicare to myGov
9. How to book Pfizer vaccine
10. Million dollar vax how to enter

‘How to make…?’ DIY queries

1. How to make a face mask
2. How to make candles
3. How to make playdough
4. How to make a paper plane
5. How to make a chatterbox
6. How to make a website
7. How to make slime without glue
8. How to make a paper boat
9. How to make fake blood
10. How to make oxygen

Classes and lessons

1. Dance classes near me
2. Swimming lessons near me
3. Driving lessons
4. Pottery classes
5. Swimming classes for kids near me
6. Art classes near me
7. Guitar lessons near me
8. Piano lessons near me
9. Zumba classes near me
10. Glass blowing classes

Meanings and definitions

1. Emancipated meaning
2. Insurrection meaning
3. Gaslighting meaning
4. NAIDOC meaning
5. NFT meaning
6. Omicron meaning
7. Frigid meaning
8. Narcissist meaning
9. ROC meaning
10. Sedition meaning

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Amber Lowther

8 December 2021

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