Good Lord, You Can Now Get Your Hands On A Violet Crumble Espresso Martini!

Shattered, not stirred

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Well, hook me up to an IV of this! Violet Crumble and Feminaè Beverage Co have come together to create an iconic twist on the espresso martini!

Introducing, Feminaè Beverage Co’s Violet Crumble Espresso Martini, blending the unmistakable Aussie Violet Crumble honeycomb flavour with a luxuriously rich blend of cold drip coffee made in Melbourne, premium quality vodka and smooth Australian cream. This is the winter cocktail of our dreams!

The ready to drink 2-litre espresso martini serves 24 standard drinks and each one comes with a 30g Violet Crumble to shatter as a garnish over the cocktail, which is just *chef's kiss*

Here's the heavenly serving suggestion: Refrigerate and pour directly into a martini glass or for a more creamy version, add to shaker with ice, shake and pour into a martini glass. Sprinkle with shattered Violet Crumble.

Now, if that all sounds delicious, you have to get in quick because there's only a VERY limited number of cocktails on offer, and we don't want to see you left heartbroken!

You can get your hands on it here for $79.90 while stocks last.

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Amber Lowther

29 July 2022

Article by:

Amber Lowther

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