Goldfields Face GP Shortage

Flu season taken it's toll

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Kalgoorlie-Boulder GP's are struggling to keep up with the demand for patient appointments in this year’s horrid flu season, with many saying the ongoing GP shortage has placed increased pressure on them.

It comes as figures from WA Country Health Service show the Goldfields has had 266 confirmed cases of influenza already this year, compared with nine at the same time last year.

GP's are being forced to turn away 20 to 30 sick people per day with wait lists being pushed back to almost three weeks. 

The shortage was not as bad as it was in 2013, when there was a mass exodus of Australian trained and fellowship GP's, but if the issue is not addressed now, it's only going to get worse.

The problem with GP's obtaining work in Kalgoorlie-Boulder includes battling with distance, quality of schools, jobs for partners, price of airfares and accommodation and the ability to practice procedural skills, all of which is usually more attractive in Perth.

New GP's are expected to arrive in town on July 15. 

WA Content Team

19 June 2019

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WA Content Team

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