Gold Coast Students Can Easily Match With Their Dream Job!

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If you're in the market for a job, or to get some industry experience, you'll be pleased to know that landing a gig has been made easier thanks to Gold Coast Student Jobs. This new and free initiative by Study Gold Coast is designed to connect students and graduates with local employers.

We know the idea of job searching can be daunting and it can also be tough finding a good employee. But what if it was easier? if you're wanting to find your perfect match, here's how you can 'swipe right' to your dream job!

Step 1: Register

To make the most out of the portal, you want to make sure you register. Creating an account takes no time at all! Just fill in your preferences and the industry you're interested in. Or, if you're an employer, you can choose to have free support! 

Step 2: Browse industries

This is where it gets interesting. You can browse the job you're interested in and find out everything from what the job is, approximately how much this position gets paid, what tasks this job has, where you can study and the job demand! Whether you're interested in nursing or want to be a software programmer, you'll find all that you need. 

Step 3: Job search

It's time to start searching! The best part about the Gold Coast Student Jobs portal is that opportunities can include internships, casual work, contracting, part-time or full-time employment. The online portal facilitates opportunities between job seekers and their chosen career industry, by offering easy to use search functionality and filtering. Employers can also use the platform to find suitable candidates for job postings!

Step 4: Apply

Found something you like? It's time to apply! There are so many different jobs and opportunities to apply for. Have a browse, find what is right for you and take the next step by applying. The site is accessible to all Gold Coast employers and students, and advertisements for work opportunities are free with no commissions charged for placements. 

So, whether you're a business owner looking to fill a space or a student or graduate eager to enter the workforce, head to to see what opportunities are available to you. 

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10 January 2021

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