GoFundMe To Issue Refunds For Dodgy Campaigns

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24 October 2018

Article heading image for GoFundMe To Issue Refunds For Dodgy Campaigns

GoFundMe has announced a new refund process for donors who have been ripped off by dodgy fundraisers.

The new policy will refund users up to $1,000 if they discover that a campaign they contributed to was deceptive or misused donations in some way.

This includes if the funds are not delivered to the appropriate beneficiary, content is inaccurate or misleading, or the campaign organiser is charged with a crime in relation to the fundraising campaign.

“The guarantee is something we put in place in the US market a few years ago and now we have brought it to Australia,” GoFundMe CEO Rob Solomon said.

“It is important that we add as much protection as possible for our users. We want to be the safest crowd-funding platform out there.”

GoFundMe has said that the refunded donations do not apply to those who donated to their own campaign, later regret for a donation or a personal disagreement with the organiser.

It was also stressed that there are still rigorous verification checks in place, so the risk of dodgy donations is slim - these measures are simply to cover the odd occasion where one slips through.

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