This Cooking Podcast Now Exists & It's The Perfect Way To Impress Your Mates In 2021

Become a chef in no time!

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We've all been there, learning to cook and kinda fumbling our way through hoping we're actually getting the steps right!

Well, thanks to the legends at PodcastOne Australia, we now have an actual cooking podcast called, Cooking With Richo which of course, is one of our favourite celebrity chefs, Adrian Richardson aka Richo!

We know, at first, we were hesitant about a cooking podcast as well, but just take a listen below:

So, if you haven't quite got the concept yet, the podcast focuses on helping you master the basics of cooking techniques while hearing all of Richo's tips along the way with everything from pan-frying, grilling and SO much more!

The first episode lays down the kitchen law with everything you could ever need to know about each culinary method!

Then all you have to do is choose an episode to cook along to, which of course, has the full list of what you need in order to master your mouthwatering dish. 


Our favourite? Honestly, we couldn't skip past the pan-fried gnocchi with peppers, olives and goat's cheese...

You know you wanna take a listen: 

And if that doesn't make you want to jump into the kitchen, we don't know what will. 

So, if you want more, just head here!

There are so many more delicious recipes to come, all you gotta do is download the PodcastOne App, head into the kitchen hit play and start cooking with Richo.

Bon Appétit!

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5 January 2021

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