Glenorchy’s Lord Mayor Has Had Enough Of Bad Behaviour Plaguing The CBD

“Deep-rooted problems”

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Glenorchy’s Lord Mayor has called out the “revolting” behaviour from some individuals within the community plaguing the CBD.

More than an isolated event, the instance of people urinating in public, overturning bins, and frightening others with unbecoming behaviour is the result of “deep-rooted problems”, Mayor Bec Thomas told The Mercury. 

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In a desperate bid to deter anti-social behaviour and reclaim the CBD’s forecourt, the council has splashed out $48,000 on trialling patrols in the areas around the council, since November last year.

“It does look like an expensive exercise,” Alderman Sue Hickey said.

“When we review it against the damage, the physical atmosphere of the place, the situation where rubbish bins are being overturned, people are urinating in public, all sorts of revolting behaviour on the lawns and around that area, it wasn’t a safe or good look for the city.

“I think the expenses have certainly cleaned up the mood around the lawns and I think it’s been a good proactive move," she said.

“Some of the behaviour we’re seeing is the result of what are quite wicked problems and deep-rooted problems, within our community”.

- Alderman Hickey

The lord mayor has warned that “there is no quick fix to addressing” the problem.

In a further attempt to address the underlying issues, the council has partnered with the Salvation Army’s Street team’s initiative to connect to provide support and services to those community members at the centre of the unruly behaviour.

Furthermore, the council are expected to engage Tasmania Police and the state government for added patrols in the Glenorchy CBD.


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31 March 2022

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