Glengarry split over housing controversy.

New high-density estate looming?

15 November 2018

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Residents of Glengarry are not happy.

Glengarry is obviously a lovely little town, and it looks like people are starting to realise this – with their council making moves to create a new high density housing estate in the town’s east.

Going back as far as 2010, when the initial plan to turn the large paddocked area outside the town into housing was brought to the public’s attention, it was done so under the condition it would be a low density development. Bigger lots of 1200 m2 , less housing, keeping with the charm of Glengarry was the aim.

Now council is aiming to have the lots nearly 300 m2 smaller, with the aim to pack as many people in there as possible. Glengarry residents aren’t happy that the council didn’t consult them before the decision.

They were also promised a percentage of that land would be left for open spaces, which has been significantly reduced.

Whilst a large, outspoken group of residents have shown their displeasure, others have been supportive of the planned growth of Glengarry, saying that a higher population will be a positive for the local economy in the long run.


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