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Just because we’ve had some rain lately doesn’t mean we can take our foot off the pedal when it comes to saving water and with Summer just around the corner, it’s time to get on top of your water saving habits so that we can head into the festive season knowing our regions water deposits are in tip-top shape.

We know that little every-day habits can make big changes like making sure taps are off when not in use and taking shorter showers but what about those more creative things we can do to save water this Love Water Day?

Local artist and avid surfer - Mitch Revs is supporting Love Water Day by acting as the voice for water conservation. Mitch already practices smart water usage by doing little things like collecting rainwater to rinse off his board and wetsuit after a surf. As we know, the little things add up and if everyone does their part we can make big change. 

You'll catch Mitch supporting Love Water on his socials

Building on the success of last year’s community-driven event, Hunter Water are aiming to raise conservation awareness and provoke thinking around the value of water during 2021’s National Water Week.

Now it's your turn! Help us celebrate Love Water Day by:

  • Posting a photo (or short video) on Facebook or Instagram to show how you love water
  • Tagging @OurHunterWater in your caption
  • Using the hashtags #LoveWater , #LoveWaterDay and #NationalWaterWeek

With Summer just around the corner, there's never been a better time to keep water in mind!

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In association with Hunter Water

9 November 2021

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In association with Hunter Water

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