Get Your Bandanna For CanTeen National Bandanna Day!

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National Bandanna Day is held on the last Friday in October and is the major fundraising & awareness campaign for CanTeen Australia, supporting young people affected by cancer.

The campaign has generated over $30 million and is celebrating its 25th birthday this October! 

What can you do?

Throughout the month of October each year, schools, individuals and organisations support CanTeen by ordering a box of bright & colourful bandannas to sell. The Hit Squad in Rockhampton & Gladstone will be selling bandannas & pens from CanTeen until the end of October!

How much does it cost?

You can grab a bandanna for $5 or for $15 for a silk bandanna

For more info on Bandanna Day, head to:

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Amber Lowther

25 October 2019

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Amber Lowther

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