Gen-Z Are "Cancelling" Skinny Jeans & Millennials Are Not Here For It

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So, in case you haven’t been keeping up with Gen-Z’s ‘cancel culture’, the latest target on their hit list is apparently Millennials and our skinny jeans… 


I know right, how dare they!

For some crazy reason, Gen-Z are laying into our attachment and appreciation for skinny jeans and to be honest, I don’t get their beef?

As much as I do enjoy a nice pair of loose pants, (especially after a big burger) skinny jeans have been a staple for us Millennials since we ditched the faux leather leggings in favour of a quality pair of skinnies that help us to defy gravity.  

The calls stem from an ongoing Tik Tok trend where Gen-Z's can be seen cutting and lighting their old skinny jeans on fire in some sort of anti-skinny jean protest, which has had many of us Millennials asking “why?" 

The first reason according to some Gen Z Tik Tokers, is that Millennials should stop wearing skinny jeans in an attempt to look younger and ummm, OUCH.


Secondly, the destruction of old skinny jeans is to help advocate the normalisation of realistic body expectations for women and this I DO understand. I know I’ve definitely done the hop, skip, jump trying to squeeze into the skinny jeans that definitely fit me last summer, not to mention, accepting that you have in fact gone up a size, isn’t exactly an easy pill to swallow. 

HOWEVER and there is definitely a HOWEVER, the same also applies to baggy jeans. Loose around the legs and loose around the waist aren't always mutually exclusive, because different women come in different shapes and sizes.

Now, we are all for body positivity but what about us Millennials who don’t mind the temporary butt lift we get from a perfectly fitted pair of skinnies? Or for people who can’t quite pull off the care-free, baggy look? 

As much as I do happily advocate for both styles, there are plenty of Millennials out there who aren’t having a bar of the brutal attack on their fashion sense. 


But Millennials, don’t panic because according to what the chief executive behind one of the biggest brands in history, Chip Bergh from Levi's told his investors, he “(doesn’t) think skinny jeans are ever going away on the women’s side of business…”

So, Gen Z's you can rip, cut or burn your old skinnies as much as you like, because nothing will stop us old gals from sporting a nice toight pair of quality jeans and tucking them into our knee high boots in protest!

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Georgie Marr

26 February 2021

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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