Tasmania Is Getting A Mandatory Real-time Fuel Price Reporting App

Tasmanian fuel prices still too high

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The State Government has decided to introduce a mandatory real-time fuel price reporting website and mobile application for fuel retailers in Tasmania.

This comes as bid to see fuel prices drop after they have stayed relatively high throughout the covid-19 pandemic.

The State Government is currently working on the platform which is being based off a New South Wales mobile application called Fuel Check. It will be rebranded to be Tasmanian with local locations and conditions.

The mobile app and website will make it mandatory for fuel stations to advertise and or notify their various prices per category of fuel. This will enable motorists to see and compare fuel prices from all over the State.

RACT Executive General Manager, Membership and Community, Stacey Pennicott said that the State Government's decision is very welcome news for the state.

“This is being run out of the Department of Justice of the State Government so it really is a Government lead initiative in terms of bringing the app forward and ensuring that’s up and running. The same with the code of practice, it will be a code of practice that the Government will put in place, consulting with industry and RACT to make sure that the final code of practice ensures that we get what we need in terms of that real time fuel pricing.”

Pennicott stated that whilst we have seen a slight drop in unleaded fuel prices, diesel prices are still far too high.

If fuel retailers don’t comply with the codes and practices in this new initiative laid out by the Tasmanian State Government then they could risk a price cap.

“We’re certainly calling on fuel retailers to really adhere to that code of practice once it is in place and bring that cheaper fuel to Tasmania.”

It is estimated that the application will be up and running around July this year.

Chelsea Wilde

28 May 2020

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Chelsea Wilde

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