Friends remember much loved Toyah with beautiful tribute.

She was very loved.

24 October 2018

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The police are still appealing to the public for any information surrounding the death of 24 year old Toyah Cordingley, at Wangetti Beach. 

During a press conference held yesterday in Cairns, Detective Inspector Sonia Smith highlighted four key areas of inquiry that detectives believe would greatly assist the investigation.

Police would like to speak to anyone that had dealings with Toyah at Rusty’s Market in Cairns on Sunday October 21 between 12 midday and 1pm.

Any members of the public with dash-cam footage who were travelling on the Captain Cook Highway between the northern carpark and the southern carpark at Wangetti Beach on October 21.

Any members of the public that used either the northern or southern Wangetti Beach carparks on Sunday October 21, or anyone that regularly uses them. 

Any family, friends, acquaintances or work colleagues of Toyah that have not already spoken to police, to come forward and make contact with police.

Since the news has come through of Toyah's tragic death she has been remembered as a loving and caring person. Toyah was an animal lover who volunteered at local animal shelter Paws and Claws. 

Tributes have been flooding through on social media and today a beautiful tribute has been posted online:

Along with the video was posted this message from a friend who highlighted just how loved she was:

Dear Toyah,

It was not that long ago we were going through my photos of us and you asked me to put them on your USB when you came over next, we didn't get the chance and I just feel that everyone deserves to see the most amazing memories we created in what I would call not long enough 5 min film. I don't know what people have been expecting me to say in conjunction of what happened today but I don't want to talk to everyone, I want to talk to you. I can't believe this, I refuse to believe this. I drove to find you, I thought we were going to find you being the environment lover you are, I was so sure of it. Im so angry, I'm so frustrated and I've been walking around the house grieving and then thinking its not real, its not my Toyah its someone else and then I would then later get so guilty because Im pretending nothings happened. I'm not familiar with this process, I've never in my life have lost anyone as close as you are to me and this is the worst time I've ever encounter.

I spent the morning sitting there with the detective and the moment he told me that I had to be strong, I wanted to punch him in the face because he doesn't know OUR Toyah, our beautiful, wouldn't hurt a fly Toyah. Would you believe that I have over 30+ messages in my inbox all unread, not because im popular but because you have touched so many souls including mine and we are all in that much pain that making sure those who were closest to you are okay.

I wish you were here to talk to them and tell them you are okay. I wanted to be like you, I wanted to be the gypsy soul you were. I wanted to be flawless and not just the beauty you had on the outside but the beauty you had on the inside. You were different to everyone, you followed what you believed in, you had no body hating you, you lived life to the fullest and you respected everyone else's decisions. You had such a big heart and a beautiful loving family you adored. It wasn't that long ago, I pulled up with a bouquet of balloons and a box full of goodies asking you to stand by my side while I marry the man I love and you were so willingly accepted and it took you less than a minute to start planning everything with me. I started to feel like I can't get married anymore, because you wont be there, you won't be there standing with me and witnessing this milestone of my life.

You will be there somehow, I will make sure of it, you love memory will be shared everyday for as long as I live, I will be sharing the funny, loving, crazy memories about aunty TOYTOY to rose when she's older and tell her that she would have loved you the way I did. I'm betting your going to be the most prettiest angel up there with the most prettiest wings, and over a thousand of puppy angels surrounding you. Look over us, and shine bright my honey, I love you.s


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