French President Accuses Morrison Of Lying Over Submarine Deal

ScoMo rejects allegations

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The French President, Emmanuel Macron has accused Scott Morrison of lying about Australia's scrapped submarine deal with the European country.

The AUKUS (Australia, United Kingdom, United States) security deal to hold submarine machinery in Adelaide was chosen over the planned pact with France. 

The $90 million contract with the French was cancelled, and Macron expressed at the G20 summit in Rome that it was "detrimental to the reputation" of the Australian government.

"We will see what he will deliver, I have a lot of respect for your country. I have a lot of respect and a lot of friendship for your people." Macron said.

A reporter at the summit meeting asked "do you think [Morrison] lied to you?", to which Macron replied "I don't think - I know".

The French President believes the decision to turn away from France's alliance with Australia was a poor look.

"The AUKUS deal was very bad news for France — but not just for France, because I think it's a very bad news for credibility of Australia and a very bad news for the trust that great partners can have with the Australians.

- French President Emmanuel Macron

"I think this is detrimental to the reputation of your country and your Prime Minister."


The Prime Minister returned serve, saying the French President should have been aware of Australia saying it was raised at a dinner with leaders several months ago.

"I was very clear that the conventional submarines were not going to be able to meet our strategic interests and that we would need to make a decision in our national interest," Morrison said.

"I was very clear that what was going to be provided to us was not going to meet our strategic interest and there was still a process we were engaged in, and we then engaged over the months that followed, and then we communicated to him our ultimate decision.

"I've been very clear about the way I've communicated about this, we had dinner together."

Mr Morrison rejected claims that he lied to the President, sparking animosity between the two leaders.

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1 November 2021

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