Former Holden Site To Become Adelaide's Exotic Mushroom Farm

Creating more jobs

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Australia's largest mushroom farm is set to be unveiled at Adelaide's old Holden site, according to the SA Government.

The exotic plantation site and processing facility is expected to produce more than 20,000 tonnes of mushrooms each year.

The Epicurean Food Group revealed plans to expand their current site at Elizabeth into a "fully vertically integrated" production space

It will take up around 35,000 square metres of area in the Lionsgate Business Park, which has been refurbished following Holden's departure in 2017.

Trade and Investment Minister Nick Champion said reworking one of Adelaide's most iconic manufacturing sites highlights the strength of the manufacturing sector. 

“Few would have thought it possible transforming Holden’s old factory floor into a place where exotic mushrooms can be grown and cultivated but South Australians not only innovate, we lead the rest of the pack,” he said.


“Nothing like this facility exists interstate and we want to support local companies to expand and reach new customers on a national and global scale.”

The plant will provide a supply of locally grown mushrooms to both stores and restaurants, which normally rely on imported stock. Around 85 per cent of Australia's exotic mushrooms are imported from overseas. 

It's expected the new site will spark 350 new jobs.

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31 January 2023

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