Forgotten Film Series You Simply MUST Binge From Isolation

Did someone say movie marathon?

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So, most of us are in lockdown and incase you haven't been watching Tik Tok, Facebook & Insta... people are already running out of ways to keep themselves entertained.

Well, fear not friends because we have the remedy to your merciless boredom and not only will it cheer you up, but it will take you back to more simple times... like when staying in doors was a choice and all your friends were sporting 'Team Jacob' t-shirts. 

We have provided a list of franchises that you simply MUST rewatch! These forgotten gems are guaranteed to help you pass hours of isolation time and will fill you with some much needed nostalgia.

Lets kick things off with the most outrageous of the lot... 

1. Scary Movie

Yes it has!!

There are five of these hilarious horror movie parodies available to stream on Stan and guarantee hours of utter ridiculousness for you and your iso buddies.

2. American Pie

Catch Stiffler and the rest (because lets face it, Stifflers everyone's fave) complete with all of their teenage angst in nine.. yes, NINE laugh out loud movies. These classics are spread out between Foxtel Now & Stan but are well worth the membership fees!

3. The Matrix

If COVID-19 has you in the mood for a dystopian future style movie, The Matrix, one through three, should be right at the top of your list. Not only are they SUPER long and great time killers, but they are all available on Netflix!!

4. Twilight

It's time to release your inner fan girl! Whether you were team Jacob or team Edward, there is no better time than the present to get in touch with your teenage self and shamelessly binge all five of the Twilight movies. The entire saga is available for your streaming pleasure on Netflix!

5. Shrek

Now if this film series doesn't give you allll of the feels, I really don't know if there's any hope for you... Shrek is nostalgia central and there are five of them ready to go on Netflix! 90's babies, it's your time to shine, sit down and if you're anything like my partner, recite every line until you feel all warm and fuzzy inside! "That'll do Donkey... That'll do."

6. Rush Hour

I mean... who doesn't want to watch Jackie Chan back-flipping and parkouring his way through New York City with Chris Tucker by his side? There are three of these bad boys available on Netflix and they NEVER disappoint!

7. Austin Powers

OH BEHAVE!! If you're ready to laugh until you cry, you cannot go past the Austin Powers series. Dr Evil, Fat Bastard & Goldmember will have you literally ROFL. The International Man of Mystery & Spy Who Shagged Me are available on Stan, while the final instalment Goldmember is available for purchase on Google Play!

8. Harry Potter

Last but definitely not least, there's the Harry Potter movies! If you're hoping to escape reality for a few hours, Harry, Hermione and Ron will keep you entertained as they battle the most evil man to hit our TV screens, Voldemort until the bitter-sweet end. Trust me, it'll be an absolute HOOT! Sorry, I had to...

So there you have it! if these epic movies can't keep you entertained for hours on end, we will undoubtedly be back with plenty more isolation activities in the coming weeks, so watch this space!!

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Georgie Marr

27 March 2020

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Georgie Marr

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