Footy Fans Could Be Paying More For Their Pies And Hot Chips Soon

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The MCG is reviewing its food prices, as it becomes another to fall victim to the rising cost of living.

Despite earlier this year the Melbourne Cricket Club confirming the cost of popular food items would remain the same as prices before the COVID-19 pandemic, people may have no choice but to for out more to keep up with supply chain challenges.

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“The Melbourne Cricket Club, as manager of the MCG, and our hospitality partner Delaware North are reviewing food and beverage prices in line with current supply chain challenges,” an MCG spokesperson said.

Currently, footy fans pay $4.50 each for a pie and hot chips, while soft drinks and water are $4.70 and $3.40 respectively.

Between 2015 and 2017, the MCG committed to a price roll back on popular food items, dropping the price of a small chips from $5.60 to $4.20.

However, with it revealed potatoes will join lettuce in the over $10 club, footy fans’ love of a bucket of hot chips at the footy may now cost them as much as $6 for a small chips.

Fish and chip shops, fast-food-chains and pubs are also expected to pass on price increases to its customers, with a four-kilogram bag of potatoes predicted to cost $12 in the upcoming weeks. 

With some stores seeing a costly mark-up for a small-sized hot chips costing anywhere between $7-$9, the MCG’s hot chips will still considerably be the cheapest option.

AFL Fans Association treasurer and spokesman Ron Issko told the Herald Sun it “wouldn’t be a surprise” to see cost changes.

“The MCG for the basics has been cheaper than most other grounds for a while,” he said.

“We have had it good for a while and we do understand that they may need to increase their prices but it would be disappointing for fans who are also facing their own cost of living pressures.”

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21 July 2022

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