Flooded Roads In Our Region

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When it rains it pours.

Wild weather lashed Mackay and The Whitsundays yesterday, bringing with it flash flooding and power outages.

Mt Pleasant was the wettest suburb in town with a massive hundred and thirty mills of rain falling since 9am yesterday.

At this stage all power has returned to residents but flooding continues to cover some roads.

As of 5am the affected roads are:

North Eton - Marian Eton Road - flooded at Sandy Creek

Nindaroo - Mackay Habana Road - open with caution in several locations

Farleigh - Farleigh Habana Road - water over the road in various locations

Mount Pleasant - Willetts Road - flooded at Gooseponds

Glenella - Hicks Road - flooded at Windmill Crossing

Andergrove - Keeleys Road - flooded at the Andergrove end

Beaconsfield - Golf Links Road - flooded at Golflinks Crossing

Richmond - Holts Road - flooded from Pioneer Street through to Glenella Richmond Road

Homebush - Palm Tree Road - flooded at the first crossing

An Airlie Beach missing persons case has been re-opened and is now a homicide case.


Jay Brogden originally went missing in 2007 and a new billboard has been erected in Cannonvale to bring his case back into the spotlight.

Police Minister Mark Ryan says there is a reward on offer for anyone with information relating to Mr. Brogden’s murder.

If you have any information call Crimestoppers.


All up to date data can be found on the Mackay Regional Council Dashboard, and remember, if it’s flooded, forget it.

A man has had a scary brush with storm activity in Mackay.

Paramedics were called to assist when the man was reportedly struck by lightning around eleven yesterday morning.

Luckily he has no injuries but is suffering some minor effects from the strike.

He was taken to Mackay Hospital as a precaution.


Mackay drivers are feeling a little lighter as fuel prices come down.

RACQ's monthly Fuel Price Report shows prices have dropped over recent weeks with Mackay coming down almost five cents per litre and The Whitsundays by almost eight this year.

The drop in price has been credited to the Queensland Fuel Prices Reporting Trial.

6 March 2019

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