Fix All Of Life's Problems With Mary Street’s New PB&J Donut!


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As winter rears its frosty head around the corner, the temptation to seek comfort in scrumptious desserts becomes a lot harder to resist.

So we may as well give in!

The latest sugary plate of goodness comes from Mary Street Bakery who have just introduced their newest menu item: the PB&J Donut!

Yes, their soft, fluffy donuts stuffed with Peanut Butter and jelly (jam), topped with pink (possibly jam flavoured) icing…

As for any questions over whether the Peanut Butter is crunchy or smooth, the bakery have confirmed that the ‘PB’ filling is a peanut custard made in house.

While the donut is available in all stores, folks near Highgate should know that due to partial closures this month (for Water Corporation's Pipes for Perth upgrade), customers are being offered one free donut with every takeaway coffee purchase at that specific location!



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28 May 2019

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