Five Unexpected Things You Can Do With Your Google Home

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Are you the proud owner of a Google Home smart speaker, but aren't exactly sure what to do with it?

Most of us aren't quite at the point where our entire homes are hooked up to our smart speakers. However there's plenty of fun that can be had without all that!

Here are just five things you can easily do with your new Google Home. 

1. Play Games

There are a lot of games built into your Google Home! Say "Hey Google, Play Lucky Trivia" to get a trivia game started. 

2. Find Your Lost Phone

Not a joke. Say to your Google Assistant "Ok Google find my phone". As long as you've got it linked, it should ring. 

3. Listen To A Story

If you need some entertainment, simple say "Hey Google, tell me a story." Your Google Assistant will pick a story for you and read it out!

4. Listen To All Your Favourite Podcasts And Radio Stations

Everything you could ever want to listen to is available on your Google Home. Want to listen to Carrie & Tommy or Hughesy & Kate? Just ask Google Assistant to play them! Ask for your favourite radio station by saying "OK Google, Play [station]". Find out more about how to do this HERE.

5. Set The Radio As Your Alarm

This is so simple - but we've written a full guide right here! Get into it!

Have fun, your Google Home is going to be your new best friend. 

Your Google Home isn't just handy for you, but it can entertain your kids as well:

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18 December 2020

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