Fifi Reveals She Had A Cheeky Gym Sesh With Gordon Ramsay

Celebs do the darndest things

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It’s easy to just forget that celebrities *actually* exist.

You hear about them through social media, you see them on TV, sometimes you even witness their fall from grace, but it’s not until you see them in the flesh that you realize they’re just living life like the rest of us… kind of.

Fifi recently recalled a time when she was using the gym at a resort while working a previous gig, running on the treadmill and minding her own business before a man entered the room.

Changing the channel on the television and deciding to leave the gym shortly thereafter, Fifi berated the mystery man, telling him to flip her show back on before he left.

It wasn’t until the man turned around that she realised it was Gordon Ramsay.

Gordon. F&$#ing. Ramsay.

To make things *that* much more awkward, he got the wrong channel, prompting Fifi to ask him to change it again.

We can’t even begin to tell you about her sauna experience with Patrick Dempsey

Catch the chat about everyone’s favourite foul-mouthed pom:

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Nick Barrett

15 July 2021

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Nick Barrett

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