Fifi Box Reveals She Thinks Chewbacca Is ‘Sexy’ While Talking About The Avengers

She doesn’t think it is unusual!

27 July 2018

Walt Disney Studios

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ continues to take over the world and fans have started to appreciate the movie’s villain Thanos... a little too much.


Fifi, Fev & Byron talked about fictional character crushes on Thursday morning, with co-host Fifi Box revealing she’s got feels for Batman and Chewbacca.

She went on to explain how it happened…

“When [Trixie and I] went to Movie World over Easter… we were having a rest and ext minute I hear the cop sound effects. The fake policeman was saying ‘Clear the way, clear the way!’ and around the corner I saw Batman.”

Listen to the full chat below, including her admission about the famous Star Wars character…


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