FIBA Hand Down Sanctions Following Australia/Philippines Basketball Brawl

Findings handed down.

19 July 2018

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Australia and Philippines basketball players have been sanctioned over their involvement in their brawl during their World Cup qualification match.

Daniel Kickert received a five-game suspension, Thon Maker was banned for three games while Chris Goulding copped one game, all for unsportsmanlike behaviour.

Nathan Sobey and Jason Cadee were cleared of any sanction, while Basketball Australia copped a $150,000 fine for removing floor decals during team training on the day prior to the game and for its involvement in the incident.

10 Filipino players were reportedly banned for a total of 35 games, while their coaches were also banned and fined and their basketball organisation on the receiving end of a fine in excess of $300,000.

“As we stated at the outset, Basketball Australia sincerely regrets the incident that occurred in Manila and the involvement of our players in it. The FIBA Disciplinary Panel’s findings were comprehensive and addressed the key points of our submission," Basketball Australia CEO Anthony Moore said.

“We acknowledge the sanctions handed down against Australian players and acknowledge the sanctions imposed against Philippines players and officials involved in the incident.  We are seeking further clarification from FIBA about possible sanctions against other officials and fans involved in the incident.

“We also welcome FIBA’s finding in its report that no discriminatory or racist language was used by Australian Boomers players, nor did it incite the incident as has been alleged.

“We have 14 days to appeal the sanctions. Whilst it is unlikely we will do so this is a matter that will be considered at a scheduled board meeting of Basketball Australia tomorrow.

“We now look forward to the next stage of World Cup qualifying in September and the Boomers playing basketball that all Australians can be proud of as we look ahead to next year’s World Cup in China and the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.”

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