Federal Government Launches Massive "ReMade In Australia" Recycling Initiative

But will it have real impact?

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison is announcing a new recycling initiative aiming to accelerate Australia’s investment into reproducing goods from recycled material. 

A big part of the new “ReMade in Australia” campaign includes getting Australians to reuse and buy products made from recycled material. 

In his speech, Morrison acknowledged peoples inherent desires to see their recycling efforts “delivering real outcomes, from the roads they drive on to the sunglasses they choose to wear.”

“We are taking responsibility for our waste, we put a stop to it being shipped overseas as someone else’s problem and we have made recycling one of six national manufacturing priorities.”


Environment Minister Susan Ley says the initiative will look to curb plastic going into landfills or the ocean. 

“You actually have it (plastic) made into something that adds value, you have so many wins. We don’t want everything being dumped in landfills, giving off harmful greenhouse gas emissions. We don’t want plastic to end up in our oceans,” she said.

It’s understood the initiative will also create thousands of jobs.

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6 December 2021

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