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6 March 2017

Article heading image for FASHION & FROCKS AT BLACK OPAL

By Renee Bogatko, Image Credit – Bethany Larsen

The weather turned it on for the Black Opal Stakes in Canberra, with thousands of ladies frocking up for Canberra’s premier race day.

Green was a common theme in Fashion’s on the Filed – with all three winners, Hamish Lardi, Kate Lynch and Jenn Lewis, all incorporating the colour into their outfits.

Image Credit – Hamish Lardi & Kate Lynch

Lots of other ladies graced the race track with their stunning outfits.

Image Credit – hollyanne_kate/

Vanessa O’Hanlon/

Image Credit - Hunted Style/

Image Credit - Lauren Cribb & Bethany Larsen

Image Credit - Madi Harju & Kerrie-Anne Maroney

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