Farmer Rob Sends All Remaining Women Home In Shocking Move

A MASSIVE spanner in the works

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A fan-favourite bachelor from this year’s Farmer Wants A Wife has thrown a MASSIVE spanner in the works.

40-year-old father-of-two, Rob Campbell, sent the remaining women packing on Monday night’s episode.

After going on intimate dates with each of the three ladies, Campbell concluded his current search for love had not been fruitful.

The Snowy Mountains farmer stated he didn’t have a “lightning bolt connection” with Meg, Kate or Luce, leaving him in the position to make the difficult decision.

“This morning, a lot of thoughts were running through my head, thinking about the girls and whether there is potential for a future with any of them… Unfortunately, you just can’t manufacture love and, if there is not that spark, there is nothing to build on.”

Calling the trio into the kitchen to share his revelation, the women were equal parts shocked and disappointed, with Luce saying she felt the call left a lot to be desired.

“If only we had that chance to build a connection, he would see how much we’ve actually got in common, I don’t know if he got to see who I really am.”

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13 July 2021

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