Facebook Bans Anti-Vaxxer Ads From Platform

No longer allowed

7 March 2019

Article heading image for Facebook Bans Anti-Vaxxer Ads From Platform

Facebook will no longer allow advertisements that include misinformation about vaccines the tech company has announced. 

The social network will also diminish the reach of groups and pages that spread anti-vaccine misinformation by reducing their ranking in search results and on the News Feed, removing them from autofill suggestions in the search bar, and removing them from recommendation features such as “Groups You Should Join” it was announced previously.

Anti-vaccine propaganda has gone viral in recent years, leading to serious drops in vaccine rates in some pockets of the world. 

The WHO announced vaccine hesitancy – which is a reluctance to get vaccinates despite an availability of vaccines – as one of the top threats to global health in 2019.

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