Experts Finally Reveal How You Can Improve Your Wi-Fi Connection

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There are plenty of annoying things that grind our gears on the daily. Tailgaters. Stubbing your toe. Toilets you have to pay for. But one just about takes the cake…

Wi-Fi that should be working but just isn’t working.

Luckily, our friend, and Telstra Area General Manager, Steve Tinker is here to save the day with some cracking insight on how to improve your home Wi-Fi.

Firstly: modem and furniture positioning matters. In fact, it makes a big difference to day-to-day network speeds and connectivity because the Wi-Fi waves have a tough time traveling through dense objects. (Like ghosts!) To avoid problems, place your model as central in your home and as close to your devices as you possibly can.

“Check that your heaviest furniture isn’t in between the modem and your device.”

- Steve Tinker, Telstra Area General Manager

Secondly: to get the best outcome you need the best equipment – so chuck out that that old modem because it’s only holding you back! Often times a simple upgrade (e.g. the Telstra Smart Modem with a maximum throughput of 0.16GB/second) may be all that’s needed to increase your speed and bandwidth.

Finally: beware that sources of radio interference, such as some household appliances and reflective surfaces, may be meddling! Ultimately, all you need to try and avoid is putting your modem beside devices such as microwaves and cordless phones because those ramen reheats and bestie phone chats can significantly impact your connection stability.

It’s also worth noting that if you’ve got yourself a big home you can always boost your Wi-Fi by strategically placing devices such as the Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Booster around your home to increase coverage. If you’re with Telstra, customised help also comes in the form of the Telstra Home Dashboard App for troubleshooting and additional home Wi-Fi guidance.

And so hopefully, with all of your new Wi-Fi knowledge, that’ll be the end of those pesky connection fails and dropouts! But if you do need more info, feel free to call into one of Bendigo’s local Telstra Stores.

Enjoy a fast and reliable connection to the NBN Network with Telstra on the NBN.

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26 September 2018

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