Expert Advice: Everything You Need To Know About 5G

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Sometimes it’s the things that take the longest that are ultimately the most rewarding, whether it’s an eBay delivery, home cooked roast chicken, or meeting Mr or Mrs Right.

We’ll, we’ve got another one for you. Introducing (finally)… 5G!


Most of us are pretty familiar with the Gs having either 3G or 4G on our phones, but the time is almost upon us to welcome into our hearts and homes the fastest ever broadband cellular network technology (i.e. fast phone speeds!). Only a few weeks ago Telstra turned it on in selected areas of the Gold Coast and Toowoomba with more than 200 5G-capable sites planned to go live around the country by the end of the year.

In doing so, Telstra has become the first mobile network in Australia to be 5G ready.

Super impressive? Oh yeah. But we can already hear you screaming as you read this: where’s my 5G connection?

Here’s the catch: 5G is so advanced that there aren’t currently any 5G compatible smartphones on the market… YET. However, Telstra’s innovation and anticipation of market demand means that as soon as the technology within the devices has caught up, they’re ready to go and will be the first network in Australia to deliver the magic. The good news is that in the expert opinion of Steve Tinker, Telstra Area General Manager, these next generation phones will be on the market by next year.

“The technology is evolving very quickly and that is why Telstra is continuing to test next-generation mobile technologies in Australian conditions to support the early commercial deployment of 5G mobile services in Australia. We would expect commercial availability sometime in 2019.”

- Steve Tinker, Telstra Area General Manager

In the meantime, Telstra are working to improve their 4G service by releasing technology such as the NETGEAR Nighthawk Mobile Router, destined to be the world’s fastest 4G device on Australia’s fastest mobile network. Safe to say if speed is what you’re after, Telstra is your answer.

For more info, call into one of Bendigo’s local Telstra Stores.

More speed in more places makes Telstra the best and most reliable mobile network in Australia.

In association with Telstra

26 September 2018

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In association with Telstra

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